Best Welcome Bonus Casinos


When you play at an online casino that uses a trusted software, you feel that this is a reliable online casino; you will be already accustomed to the just treatment that you get as a player and the high chances of winning at various games and video slots.

If you want to try the same games in another casino for a change, on our website you can find a breakdown of the best online casinos and the best bonus/es you will receive when you open an account with them, so that you can get the most of your deposit.

How does a Welcome Bonuses Work?

You are entitled to a welcome bonus only once with each casino, which is when you make your first deposit. To encourage players to choose them, some online casinos offer high welcome bonuses and other inviting promotions.

A welcome bonus is in effect extra playing money which can be used to bet on games, so the players get more out of their money and will have more chances to win. When you make your first deposit, you will get a percentage extra bonus as a special offer from the casino; If it’s a 50% bonus, then half of what you have deposited will be added to your account as a bonus amount.

Can You Cash out a Welcome Bonus?

Obviously it’s not possible to cash out a welcome bonus straightaway (if it were, all online casinos will go bankrupt very quickly!); however, said bonus wouldn’t be very attractive if it could never be cashed out, so it must be released first.

For a welcome bonus to be released it’s necessary to wager the bonus amount a number of times, depending on the casino; it may be 20 times or even 50, but you can always find out on the website of the online casino. All welcome bonuses offered by our selected casino are listed here, and upon reviewing them you will learn how many times a bonus amount must be staked at that casino before it is released. This will give you a clear understanding of how appealing a particular bonus is before you pick your online casino.

Tips regarding Welcome Bonuses

Here we advise on what to do to take maximum advantage of the welcome bonuses:

For each account you open at different online casinos you will receive a new welcome bonus with every (first) deposit, so open an as many as possible.

When you make your first deposit, ensure you get the maximum bonus amount. You only get the welcome bonus on your first deposit, so if this is 100% up to a maximum of €200, it’s a good idea to deposit €200 at once (and receive the maximum bonus of 200 €s) rather than €100 twice on your first day for example, which would only get you a bonus of €100.

Best Welcome Bonus Casinos
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