Deposit Bonuses

A deposit bonus, sometimes called match up bonus, will be credited to your online casino account only if you make a deposit. Once the deposit has reached your account, you will automatically receive free additional bonus money equalling 100% or more of the amount you have transferred, up to a specific maximum amount.
The percentages and maximum amounts of bonus money awarded change significantly depending on the casino, and so do the wagering requirements and other “terms and conditions” of the offer.

Bonuses associated with a deposit such as Casino Welcome Bonus, reload bonuses or bonuses offered in weekly or monthly casino promotions are also called deposit bonuses.

How does a deposit bonus work?

Online casinos can choose a combination of the percentage offered and the maximum amount in bonus money awarded to direct you toward your ideal deposit amount.

If you deposit 100 € with a deposit bonus of 100% for example, when the funds arrive to your account the casino will match it up with a 100 € bonus and you will end up with 200 € to play with.

Example Deposit Bonuses

  • Bonus offer = 50% up to 500 €.
  • Deposit 100 € to get 50 € bonus, you have 150 € to play with.
  • Deposit 1000 € to get the maximum bonus amount of 500 €, you have 1500 € to play with.
  • Deposit any amount over 1000 € and still receive an extra of 500 €, which is the maximum bonus.

Obviously you have no obligations to deposit enough to get the maximum amount in bonus money by the casino, but if you do so you will get the best value for money.

Will the funds be added to my main balance, and are there any wagering requirements?

Depending on the casino, funds might be credited in different ways. In some cases you will see a separate wallet displaying your bonus funds, along with the (main) account showing your “real cash” funds; in this instance you can easily see when your bonus is ready to be cashed out.

Other casinos will just add the amount to your main balance. Either way you will still have the same chances of winning and you will still need to satisfy the wagering conditions of the bonus before any money can be withdrawn.

Advantages of a deposit bonus

By making a deposit, players will get extra (bonus) funds for free so they will have more money to play with and possibly more chances to win.

Disadvantages of a deposit bonus

Before you can withdraw from you balance winnings made with the bonus, you must fulfill the wagering requirements of the offer. This could mean for instance that although you are winning with bonus money, you still need to keep playing until the requirements for withdrawal have been met.

Wagering Deposit Bonus

Casinos establish standard wagering requirements for deposit bonuses to protect themselves against bonus abuse and fraud, as well as to ensure their customers are able to cash out winnings made with their bonus.

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