Online casino bonuses are a very common encouragement that online casinos use in order to persuade players to gamble on their site. The different types of online casino bonuses come each with their specific advantages and conditions.

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Welcome Bonuses / Sign up Bonuses

First on the list is the Welcome Bonus, sometimes also called the New Player Bonus or the Signup Bonus, which is the most common type of online casino bonus available. They average an amount of €100, but you should review the conditions carefully when you come across this type of bonus which is usually for larger sums.

Often that would be split into €100 increments per month rather than a single large payment. Usually these types of online casino bonuses can be divided into ‘Percentage’ or ‘Match Bonuses’.

The Percentage Bonuses vary in line with the amount of deposit and typically range from 50% to 500%. A Match Bonus is bonus which equals 100% of the deposit, basically an even  money bonus; so for every euro that you deposit, you will get an additional one in bonus cash.

With a 50% online casino bonus you will get an additional 50 eurocents (€0.50) for every euro you deposit. With a 300% online casino bonus, for every euro you deposit they will add three euros.

Read more to find out how to find the best welcome bonus casinos.

Reload Bonus

A Reload Bonus is similar to a Welcome Bonus and is usually 100% Match up to €100 of free money. It is set up to encourage you to keep reloading your account and continue gambling. Find out more about   Reload Bonuses.

No Deposit Bonuses

No Deposit Bonuses are a type of online casino bonus that doesn’t require you to deposit any money at all. They just add money to your account, usually when you open it, to incentivize you to start up with them. Most No Deposit Bonuses are around ten euros.  More on No Deposit Bonuses.

Preferred Deposit Bonuses

Preferred Deposit Bonuses are a type of bonus which is credited to your account when you
use the casino’s preferred form of electronic payment to make a deposit. They may offer
between 5% and 15%, which would be added to your account automatically if you use their
preferred payment method.

It is worth noting that if a casino states that their Preferred Deposit Bonus is up to €3,000, this means that the maximum bonus that you can get is €3000; In order to receive that bonus, with a 15% offer, you’d have to deposit €20,000!

Loyalty Bonuses

Loyalty Bonuses are for players who have been with the same casino for a prolonged period of time and/or have reached various seniority statuses. You’re likely to get more of these types of bonuses and of larger the percentages as you climb the VIP status ladder.

High Roller

High Roller Bonuses are for players who deposit larger amounts and may be of €1000+. You may, for example, get a 50% bonus if you deposit €2000, i.e. an additional €1,000 credited to your account.