Live Casino Explained


A Live Casino is the area in an online casino where players can try their luck at Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat and/or other casino games against real life casino employees just like in a traditional land-based casino. This is achieved via the use of a webcam, which will put players in contact with dealers and croupiers.

Sitting comfortably in front of their computer at home, players can view live images of the croupier/dealer and of the casino game table by a real time video streaming connection, follow the journey of the ball during the spin on the roulette wheel or the hands of the dealers as cards are dealt.

Bets are placed using real money and any winnings are instantly added to the player’s casino account, just like one would receive the chips won after a successful roulette spinning round in a land-based casino.

Given the overhead expenses, the fact that casinos have to pay their dealers and that playing live games online requires the player to occupy one of a limited number of seats, it seems that it’s not possible to play live dealer games for play chips at present.

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Players can use welcome bonuses and free chip offers served up to loyal players as part of comps schemes to appraise the live dealer games. A lot of casinos do not allow free play with bonus chips in these games so it will be necessary to check the terms of the bonus first.

The best live casinos sites might let one try their games for free, but it wouldn’t be more than a limited demonstration, which however should be more than enough to see how it all works. For those interested in playing for free, many of these sites do offer free digital games without live dealers.

Also, for games like blackjack for example, it is possible to learn the basics by using a free interactive trainer, i.e. a game that will coach and teach strategy as one plays.


There are several reasons why playing Blackjack, Punto Banco or Roulette in a Live Casino should be more appealing compared to automated games operating through a RNG (Random Number Generator) virtualised device or land-based casinos.

The most attractive aspect of Live Casino gaming is the overall likeness with the normal, traditional land-based casino experience. As it is possible to communicate and interact by live chat with the dealer or croupier and even fellow players should one wish to, it feels very much like actually being there rather than in the comfort of one’s home.

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Also, despite the fact that all gambling and gaming activities are regulated, perhaps live casino players get a higher sense of “fair play” as all actions and events can be experienced through one’s own eyes, whereas at automated online casino table games it might feel more like playing on a RNG powered (video) slot.

Another great aspect is being aware that there will always be a seat available for any player, as opposed to land based casinos where there is no guarantee that one won’t have to wait for another customer completing their lucky streak for example.

Finally, let’s not forget all the pros associated with general online casino gaming compared to the land-based gaming experience, such as the privacy players can keep while playing, the 24/7 opening hours and other pluses like the fact that it doesn’t matter what one’s wearing, as neither casino employees nor fellow players would actually be able to see that in this virtual world.

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