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Immersive graphics and animations, captivating sounds, glittering lights, anticipation while the reels spin and of course thirst for win and the joy of success, all elements that make playing the slots in online casinos a thrilling experience, enjoyed by gamers all around the world. But what happens exactly after one clicks the spin button? How do the reels work? How are those combinations created?

Everything has to do with the software behind RNGs, short for random number generators, possibly the most crucial element of any slots game. Awareness of how RNGs operate will not just provide an insight into the process behind slot reel combinations, but it’s essential for those who want to build a strategy to boost winnings.

First mechanized, now computerized

In the beginning, traditional slot machines in land-based casinos were placed as an entry point game for occasional gamblers, as the games didn’t require a lot of ability or strategy. All one had to do was pull a handle to play, pretty straightforward. It was a successful formula, and slot machines are still hugely popular in both offline and online casinos.

These classic slot machines had three reels, each featuring various images and numbers. Once the handle had been pulled, an internal system of gears and levers kept the reels spinning while the handle returned to its original position. When this happened, a brake mechanism brought to a halt the notched discs connected to the three reels, allowing for several random reel combinations to be formed, thus ensuring that the odds were kept fair.

When slots machines evolved into their digital form, they were designed to resemble their traditional precursors, while inside them a different process operated to ensure random combinations.

When mechanical systems were replaced by micro-chips, land-based and online casinos alike started featuring computerised slot machines as opposed to mechanical ones. The handle timing and brake systems were substituted with a dedicated software that generates random numbers to ensure a fair shot at a winning combination.

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RNG facilitates Fair Play

If timing was key to ensuring random reel combinations and fair gaming in traditional slot machines, what does it in digital slot machines (land-based or online) is the system elaborated by the incorporated software. The computerised RNG constantly creates combinations to keep the sequences random, at the rate of hundreds per second.

When the spin button is pressed and the game begins, the next number combination lets the program know when the reels should stop spinning. This way, online players are granted the same fair opportunity at winning combinations that they have always been able to expect in land-based casinos.

What is a RNG?

A RNG is simply a piece of software that operates within an online casino. Its objective is to ensure that, once the reels are set in motion, they stop spinning in a random position. Taking for granted that they are not rigged, RNGs are the key to accomplishing a fair casino game online, be it slots, blackjack or any other game of chance. RNG technology is fundamentally what makes online gambling possible.

How does it work?

The Random Number Generator picks an initial number (known as the “seed number”), and then calculates a new, random number based on a complex algorithm. The newly calculated number now comes to be the seed, and will be used to generate another new number by applying the same algorithm.

This process keep repeating over and over and, despite the fact that each new number is based on the previous one, it’s impossible to predict the next number without knowing the original seed number. If that wasn’t reassuring enough, maybe the size of these numbers will be: the most widespread RNGs in the industry can produce sequences of numbers that are 219,937 digits long! Each of a slot machine reels has practically 12 options, therefore 1/12 of the incalculable possible random numbers coincide with each of the possible casino outcomes.

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How fair really is a RNG?

By now it should be clear that a RNG is not 100% random given that each number is ultimately based on the seed number and, if someone found that out, they could beat the system. However, these numbers are kept closely concealed and inaccessible. Another risk is that an online casino could manipulate their RNG or use supplementary software to distort the numbers in their favour. This has happened before, so it’s a very real risk. The only solution to that is third party auditing.

So can RNGs be considered fair? As with many things, it all depends on who uses them and how. The one and only option that players have to guarantee that they are being given a fair shot at slots game is to play with the top sites that are certified and regulated by recognised third-party testing and auditing authorities, which would be indicated by the eCOGRA seal of approval. Aside from the realities of fraudulent activities, to all intents and purposes, players can count on the fairness of the casino site’s RNG.

Should RNGs influence a player’s slots strategies?

Whether playing online or in land-based casino, it is essential for a player to know that the game is random when they are devising a strategy. Since each bet is random as well as separate and unrelated to previous bets, what will happen cannot be predicted based on past results. Players should steer clear of the idea that a jackpot is “due” because it’s been a while since the last one because that’s just a trap, infamously known as the gambler’s fallacy.


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