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Online Slot Machines followed the popularity of those found in traditional casinos, and have nowadays become the preferred online game by internet surfers. Outstanding graphics, huge “jackpots” and ever-changing themes keep players glued to the screen for hours.

If you are looking for the best strategies to win at slot machines you are on the right site, because we are committed to finding the best winning tactics ever. You will find all the secrets about slot machines and plenty of advice that can help you improve your approach to the game, and maybe make you win the big jackpots at some casinos.

Slot machine fans rejoice as the main software providers keep launching new slots almost every month. We at will try, in our own small way, to do the same and have as many free slots as possible for you to enjoy. As you probably know there are several types of Slots: Video slots, Themed slots, Conventional 3-reel and 5-reel slots and the fantastic Progressive Jackpot slots.

How to play slot machines

Slot machines are one of the most popular games worldwide. They can be found in casinos in Las Vegas and Monaco, Moscow and Berlin. The most interesting thing is the fact that all machines are pretty much the same;their basic principles are loved by millions of fans around the world and will be retained in all future slot machines. The basic strategy of the slots remains the same regardless of the type of game.

The basics of the game

The player places a bet and spins the reels; when the reels stop, they form a combination of symbols with each roll which are then matched against the pay table programmed into the slot machine.The table contains all the possible winning combinations and multipliers. A winning combination will double the value of the initial bet a number of times, in accordance with the pay table.

Parts of the slot machine

The key element of all the slot games are the rollers (between 3 and 5), on which different symbols are presented randomly. Players have to pull the lever or press the appropriate button to start the slot machine, however they must insert a coin in the slot to actually play. Progressive slot machines have a screen that shows the prize money, so that players are aware of the amount to be won.


Controls include buttons to select the number of pay-lines and the amount to bet for every spin. There may be additional buttons for placing the maximum bet and making the game faster. If you prefer to wait for the machine to automatically win you money but do not want to choose the size of the bet, you will love the automatic launch button.

Most slot machines offer higher pay-outs for maximum bets, so the most useful advice in any slot is to place the maximum bet, which can be done even one minute after you started playing.