Online casino bonuses come in different forms and values.

If you are new to this topic, you should know that there are two main types of bonus: cashable and non-cashable or sticky bonus. The first thing you should do before you choose an online casino and start playing, is consider what bonuses they offer and the requirements you have to meet before they can be used.

Generally, if a bonus is only available on certain conditions, then the whole concept of bonus disappears. However, given that conditions always apply, the next thing you would do is look for what conditions will allow you to use your bonus to play. There are several ways to play even with sticky bonuses.

But what exactly is a sticky bonus?

It’s a type of bonus that you can use only to play games at the online casino that gave you the bonus. Depending on the casino, you might find such bonus on your account immediately once you have registered and have met the requirements. However there are other bonuses that you have to wait before you can use.

Here’s how a sticky bonus works. If you register at a particular online casino and you are promised a 100% sign-up bonus, and you deposit $ 100 for example, then you will receive another $ 100 extra on your account. However you cannot withdraw the bonus amount from your account even if you have already generated winnings. If your $ 100 deposit doubles thanks to the winnings, once you decide to withdraw you can only have $200 of the $300, as the $ 100 bonus is lost once you cash out.

How to use a sticky bonus to your advantage

The only way to maximize your sticky bonus is to use them all at one or two times at the most, within your first two sessions of play. Obviously you need to rely on your gaming skills or your strategy to win, but once you win you need to start using your winnings slowly. In this way you will have already gained more than your bonus, you will have more money to play with, and once you decide to cash out, you will get more even if you have to leave the bonus to the casino.

The second thing that you need to think carefully about is your winning goal. How much you want to win before leaving the game? Setting a goal will help you quit when you are winning. In this way, you will leave the game with a few hundred dollars/euros more, instead of just a few cents in your pocket.

Sticky Bonus
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